• Developing a Brand Scent: Fragrance Curation with ScentAir

    Big work projects can be a nightmare. Especially projects that impact many departments.

    As far as office projects go, scent marketing sounds like a pretty fun undertaking. But the project of integrating scent marketing into your business can get convoluted quickly.Fragrance Curation

    What starts out as an off-handed conversation around a board room about how scent marketing can be beneficial to the business, turns into a multi-department project with a handful of outside contractors and a jungle of paperwork. 

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  • Scent Marketing Heightens Casino Gaming

    If there’s one industry that knows the power of activating human senses, it’s the gaming industry. The flashing lights and pulsating sounds keep players captivated in an echo chamber of stimuli. But until recently, casinos were failing to harness the power of scent.

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  • What is scent marketing? The simple definition

    What Is Scent Marketing

    Scent marketing is truly a marketing effort.

    It’s about branding, image, and customer experiences. And like any good marketing initiative, there’s strategy involved to help you reach your goals.

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  • Hotel Revenue Management Secrets

    Does your left hand know what your right hand is doing?

    If you’re running a hotel or resort and your revenue manager isn’t sharing information with your marketer, you may not be making the most of all the data you have available.

    Whether they know it or not, your revenue manager is sitting on valuable information that can inform your marketing efforts.Hotel Front Desk

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  • Understanding the Cost of ScentAir

    CostWhen you’re running a business, you want to invest in opportunities that will allow the business to thrive. But the bottom line is, well, your bottom line.

    There are a lot of great reasons to implement scent marketing in your business. Increased sales and linger time, expanded brand recognition, and improved customer experience all sound great. But to get started you need an idea of what factors effect the cost of a system.

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  • Personalization Strategies to Help You Maximize Your Hotel Revenue

    Maximize Hotel RevenueTravelers are looking for experiences tailored to meet their needs and preferences. And they’re willing to pay for it.

  • 11 Workout Trends to Boost Gym Membership in 2019

    Yoga MatKeeping your facility’s services fresh will encourage brand loyalty and can help reduce cancelations as the new year wanes.

  • Top 7 Fitness Business Trends of 2019

    Fitness TrendsUse these trends to stimulate growth, improve your brand image, and, ultimately, increase your revenue.

  • 12 Scents of the Season

    Candy CaneCinnamon, peppermint and bright winter greens, these are a few of our favorite things…

  • Why the Holidays Smell So Good (According to Science)

    Christmas CookieResearch shows there could be serious benefits to some of your favorite holiday scents.


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