Your member experience matters! Consider the impact of scent in your facility.

Creating a clean perception, leaving a positive impression on future members and motivating current members are essential to reaching your membership goals. Your future and existing members’ sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways they will connect with your fitness center. Fitness facilities worldwide count on ScentAir to enhance the entrance, exercise rooms, personal training area, locker rooms and more using scent and aroma marketing.

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“ScentAir has truly enhanced our business. From the moment our customers walk in the door, they comment on how much they love the smell of our studio. That is saying a lot for a fitness entity with a lot of sweaty people coming in and out!”
-Regional Manager at Tidalwheel

When our members walk in, they experience a crispness and freshness from ScentAir. It triggers a unique, positive emotion. We have a freshness in our club that people love. It's not overpowering because we control the scent delivery. It's very subtle and makes the experience that much more memorable for people.”
-Owner at an Anytime Fitness club

"High quality is a huge focus for us. Part of that is the way you feel while you’re here. Entering a club that has a warm and inviting scent is important to us. We value the ScentAir brand!" 
-Regional President of Fitness Connection

Why choose ScentAir?

  • Scent is personal. That's why we have scent experts located all over the world to work with you every step of the way.
  • With us, it's easy. Self- or full-service plans are available including convenient auto-ship options.
  • Our scent delivery machines are low-maintenance and customizable.
  • With access to over 2,400 fragrances, we guarantee the perfect scent match for your business.
  • With 100,000+ active scent deployments in 109 countries, we're sure you've experienced us somewhere throughout the world.

Fragrance Collection

Our extensive fragrance catalog provides access to over 2,400 fragrances grouped into eight experiences. Whether you're seeking a crisp and invigorating feel or a warm and inviting atmosphere, we guarantee the perfect scent match for your fitness center.


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