Your service experience matters! Consider the impact of scent in your funeral home.

A positive first impression, easing tensions and neutralizing less-than-ideal odors are essential to creating a nurturing and uplifting experience for grieving families and friends. Your guests’ sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways they will connect with their emotions and memories. Funeral homes worldwide count on ScentAir to enhance the entrance, reception area, chapel, mausoleum, viewing rooms and more using scent and aroma marketing.

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International Order of the Golden RuleSelected Independent Funeral Homes
Life CelebrationService Corporation International

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See what our customers say about ScentAir...

ScentAir has been an unexpected addition to the positive feedback we receive from families that we serve. We consistently hear how fresh our funeral home smells. We want people to feel comfortable and at home when coming to our funeral home either to do pre-planning or to attend a funeral. Having a pleasant and fresh scent in our facility helps achieve that goal. We highly recommend ScentAir.”
-President of Livingston-Butler-Volland Funeral Home & Cremation Center in Hastings, NE

“In the funeral service industry, we are all striving to create more meaningful and impactful funeral experiences. Doing so means that we must touch on all five senses for our customers and ScentAir has helped us do that in a powerful way.”
-Funeral Director of Brown-Pennington-Atkins Funeral Home in Hartsville, SC

"We have been a customer for a couple of years and the experience of working with ScentAir has always been excellent. I am a firm believer that the environment my customer walks into must be the best possible experience for them. I cannot control all of the aspects of the environment but one I do have control over is the smell within that environment."
-Executive Director of Flint River Memory Care Community

Why choose ScentAir?

  • Scent is personal. That's why we have scent experts located all over the world to work with you every step of the way.
  • With us, it's easy. Self- or full-service plans are available including convenient auto-ship options.
  • Our scent delivery machines are low-maintenance and customizable.
  • With access to over 2,400 fragrances, we guarantee the perfect scent match for your business.
  • With 100,000+ active scent deployments in 109 countries, we're sure you've experienced us somewhere throughout the world.

Fragrance Collection

Our extensive fragrance catalog provides access to over 2,400 fragrances grouped into eight experiences. Whether you're seeking a crisp and invigorating feel or a warm and inviting atmosphere, we guarantee the perfect scent match for your funeral home.


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